“When you live a life with respect, forms of disrespect become more evident.” – Loving with Purpose

Confusing quote? What it means is this…

If you are treated kindly by others in all aspects of your life, and someone comes along and disrespects you, you will immediately feel odd about the situation. 


Because chances are you generally are a respectful person to others, and you’re not used to hearing, seeing, or feeling that way about people you know. 

It’s when you become more aware of yourself and those around you, that you eventually figure out that in those moments you are being disrespected. 

On the flip side, if you are constantly being disrespected, and they go away for three weeks, and then come back yelling at you, hitting you, or some other form of disrespect, you will eventually wake up and think, “Hey, no one else treats me this way; no one else makes me feel this way.”

When you recognize feeling differently about any particular relationship or person, consider if you are being respected. If you are not, correct the situation. 

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