You Have the Power for Real Healing To Begin

Want to make a real difference? A huge difference?

#healing #selfesteem

Whatever you have done to your child at this point, no matter the age, if it was on a negative basis (yelling, name-calling, downgrading), take this moment and APOLOGIZE.

Take those hurt feelings, those feelings of inadequacy, take them off of them and put them back on you.

When I was growing up, I’m not sure I heard of many parents who would admit their wrongdoing to their child. Personally, I only learned of it when my son was eleven or twelve. I hadn’t called him horrible names, but I was sure good at yelling and it took years for us to get quiet with each other, and we are still not perfect; no one is.

Many believe that showing your vulnerable side will change how your child sees you. And you’re right! The intuitive child will see that it’s OK not to be perfect, it’s OK to make mistakes

…it’s how you live up to those mistakes that truly matters.

Your child will learn to respect you because you learn from them how to manage discipline better. You learn from your awareness when you’re handling it right and when you’re handling it wrong. 

You can even tell your child that this does not change what you expect from them with regard to behavior and how they treat you.

There will even be a time period, or maybe agreements made, on how both of you will be changing your behaviors.


YOU are not the only one who needs to change at this point.


THEY have had to deal with YOU and respond however they knew how. Not to mention, they may need your help to rebuild their self-esteem.

You show your child your character, strength, and maturity when you’re willing to take the pain from their shoulders and put it back on yours…where it belonged in the first place.

All of us have gone through something as a child; abuse, negativity, depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, bullying… and many times we find ourselves parenting just as we were parented.


But you have the power to change it. 


Not all mistakes can be apologized for and removed. Some things can be apologized for, but there is much more work to do to remove much of the pain and find a path to forgiveness.

Each person must do their own work, but when a child is still a child, the opportunity to create real change in that person’s adulthood is awesome. Once they reach adulthood, they will be challenged to find their own balance in the next generation. 

Your time and effort is worth it. Your child’s future is worth it.
Only then can true healing occur.

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