Kimberly Mitchell

Author, Speaker, Interpersonal & Relationship Growth CoachKimberly Mitchell

I create and present seminars and talks for groups and organizations about various topics…
all starting with my belief that everyone needs to be Loving (and living) with Purpose

Whether I speak to a church, group, or organization, personal or corporate, I take the time and effort necessary to research and critique the topic to fit your audience. If you would like to learn more about me, please take a look at my bio.

Here are some of the topics I cover:

Expect To Be Respected – When was the last time you thought about the important word, “Respect? Right now, I offer my seminar to women only as a one or three hour seminar, with individual and group rates available to suit your needs. Click on the link to see if any dates are available, or contact me directly to set up your own private group event. Phone (513) 312-2236 or through email Kim Mitchell for more information.

Gateway to the Law of Attraction through Vision Boards – If you ever wanted to see into the future, seeing what you attract today is an important first step. Do you ever WISH you had more control over what was going on in your life? Do you have DREAMS of more money, more peace, love, or happiness? What if you found out that YOU actually do decide, and manifest, many of the events, people, and other details that show up in life? What if you could learn to think differently, fulfill your destiny…and your dreams, by taking steps today to achieve those goals.

Attraction & Acceptance – Give me an hour and I’ll give you something to take with you; a gift of new beginnings! I will share with your group a different way to look at what’s in front of them. I’ll share the Law of Attraction so that they, too, can begin to receive the gifts of the universe! They leave feeling more in control of their destiny…because they give up the control of what has always been out of their control. There is nothing better than putting down those big heavy bags that we carry around with us for so long.

Releasing the Pain through Forgiveness – Being able to get to the point of forgiveness after someone has hurt you can be painful. You may have every desire to get past the pain, but are missing the tools that allow you to get out of your own way; no matter how hard you try. The ability to forgive those who have hurt you is a difficult process, but definitely a doable one. Imagine how better you will feel once you let go of the past and start living in the present moment. This seminar helps you to reach down deep and face the pain that is keeping you down. You can learn how to grow; allowing the pain to become a benefit, rather than the daily mental heartache, as you find the lessons it shares.

Bully Proof Your School or Organization – Help your audience by allowing them to see bullying from a different perspective. Bullying is everywhere: schools, homes, workplaces. Call it what you want, gossip, abuse, bullying…it can come from anywhere. This seminar will demonstrate how bullying looks from the victim’s point of view; making the audience compassionate for those who are harmed.

Set Up To Fail Syndrome – Learn how you can create situations where people fail; even when your purpose is to have them succeed. People in schools, businesses, and personal relationships all have the ability to fail because of our actions. This presentation explains how to stop the cycle so the people around you have the best opportunities in business, personally, and spiritually. Get the most out of them, while supporting them to have the best chance for success.

Working with Purpose – If we don’t understand what we are doing in the moment, we can’t see where we are going. Managers, parents, teachers, students…all can learn something different from this presentation. Sometimes we get so caught up in what needs to be done, that we miss the essential parts that would make our lives easier. What is it you might be missing? What or who is your diamond in the rough? While there is structure in the business world and in group settings, sometimes we miss some on the best of what’s around us. This presentation shows you new ways to look at the people around you, so you don’t miss out on what you could be offering your company or group and its people.

Financing with Purpose – What are your emotional ties to money? Do you spend just to spend, to vent your anger, to avoid a situation? Just as people have food, cigarettes, and other vices, money is one of those ‘thing’s that can destroy our relationships if we allow ourselves to be controlled by it. I offer a new mindset that will keep you from replaying the same old tapes, while replacing those bad habits with new ones.

Unity in a Group – A Christian based presentation for women where I share how opening ourselves to others is a must to succeed. Like Working with Purpose, sometimes we get so caught up in what needs to be done, that we miss the essential parts that would make our lives easier. What is it you might be missing? What or who is your diamond in the rough? This presentation shows you new ways to look at the people around you, so you don’t miss out on what you could be offering your company or group and its people.

How to Look Forward to the Changes You Face – The topic of change can be a tough one; especially when it’s not what you want. Still, change is definitely one that is certain. Through this presentation you can learn ways that make you and others look at change differently. Whether in your personal relationships or in business, you can find the positive reasons, lessons, and opportunities during the trying times. You can learn to face the facts and feel your way through all the chaos. You, too, can be okay with change coming your way.


I have the ambition and drive to help people get out of their own way…faster than I did.

I am a interpersonal and relationship growth coach driven to make the world a better place. I am opening myself up to share some of my experiences, knowledge, and insights so that you can get more out of life…faster and easier.


Kimberly Mitchell, author of Loving with Purpose

  Call 513-312-2236 or email

For more information, please check out more on my website   

This is just the beginning of what I have to offer. I create and deliver seminars based on your wants and needs. I have been asked to take my message to a variety of groups; opening a whole new value and flavor to the presentations I’ve done. I look forward to working with you!

I am also available for private and group coaching. If interested, please contact me directly.

Please feel free to leave a comment, send an email, or pick up the phone to share your thoughts. I welcome all productive feedback!


Kimberly Mitchell

6 responses to “Services

  1. Kim,

    Wow! All of these seminars look awesome! What a wonderful thing your doing. I would love to attend anyone of these. But the one that sticks out to me the most would be Working with Purpose. Just let me know in advance about when for any of these. I know a few girls I could bring that I know would enjoy and benefit from it.

    • Thanks so much, Jamie! I’m glad you have an interest in my seminars.

      As for Working with Purpose, I’d be happy to set up a personal seminar if you have enough gals. Otherwise, I could set one up publicly if you have only a couple interested.

      Let me know on that, and I’ll share info on the other dates for Expect to be Respected and Law of Attraction.

      Pleasure chatting!

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