Do Your Part and Rise Above the Rest

EVERYONE is responsible for their OWN actions, right? Do we really control what it takes to have happy, healthy, peaceful, and loving morals and values?

At some point, yes. However, since we don’t know each person’s story, no.


No one is perfect, that’s for sure. With all that a person goes through in life, it’s no wonder many have issues growing up. From the child who has no parent, to the one who feels insecure or angry because of abuse or neglect; circumstances matter. Those types of challenges can certainly create a bumpier road to success.

One important consideration to a new mindset is to expect more from oneself. Yes, circumstances may be less than desirable, and it may take time to get to a point where we understand what that means, but we can learn to rise above the drama. The progress of that rise depends on what is going on in one’s life and what teaching resources are available to them, but getting to a point of accountability is possible.

Educating someone to the idea of expecting more from themselves, and how to be a healthy part of society and relationships, comes in many forms. Unfortunately, these resources are not always found at home. Teaching things like respect, conflict resolution, accountability, being part of a family unit, and such are most valuable to all of us. Without guidance on what is expected, there can be no growth. There is no ability to expect more from oneself. Everyone needs someone to guide them to what is right and what is not.

Now, when we think about adults or kids who can (and should) do their part, the conversation has to change.  When support and other constructive resources are available to someone, then their actions become their responsibility. I don’t feel you can completely say that with someone who is young and in distress; however, when a person has knowledge, support, and understanding of consequences, it’s time to be accountable.


If someone is making you responsible for their actions, it’s time to figure out how to put a stop to it. If it’s a child, education, communication, and discipline have to come into play. If an adult is not holding their own, it’s time to establish some boundaries and determine higher expectations for yourself.

Once we reach a certain age or understanding of what is right and true, we need to expect that from ourselves and others. We do no one any favors by allowing mistreatment or bad behaviors. In fact, we hurt them by enabling what is considered inappropriate or unfair. To live in a moralistic and valued society, we need to have balance, responsibility, consequences, and order.

In the end, everyone is responsible for their own actions; albeit when they have the education and understanding of what is right and true. If you know someone who isn’t doing their part, find a way to encourage them. With your support and guidance, there may be one more person living a better life.

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