Derailing Your Own Victory; Inspired by Joyce Meyer Ministries

After listening to Joyce Meyer one morning, I decided to jot down as much as I could from her sermon. I wrote this a while ago so I’m not sure which words are hers and which are mine, but the message is clear, and I wouldn’t want any of you to miss out on reading it.


Anytime you try to build something in life; your faith, relationship, family, there will always be opposition. The best way to combat that opposition is to enjoy your life and let God do what He does.

While you’re manifesting this thought, think Him, not them. And remind yourself that it doesn’t matter what they do, it matters what He does.

When you try to make progress, there will be people who give trial and tribulation to your energy.

Imagine all the things that you get to do when you don’t allow others to control your emotions. You get to live with guilt being dismissed, you get to live with love in your heart instead of hate, you get to do the things that perhaps you would bypass because they are part of the situation.

Set our mind and keep it set. Colossians 3:2.

Maybe what’s stopping you has nothing to do with anyone else. Maybe it’s your fear of something that is unknown that keeps you from your glory.

At the end of your life, do you really think that all of those opinions, fears, anger, and pain would create a happy ending? Wouldn’t it be better to live your life knowing God and joy rather than allow negative notations to control your destiny. Wouldn’t you like to get to the end of your days knowing that you lived life to the fullest. Will the stories that you will share with God one day, hopefully face-to-face, or at least soul to soul, make you be happy? Will you be happy with the rundown of your days to the Almighty God?

At least, if the enemy is coming against you, you know you’re probably trying to do something right. Joyce Meyer

So don’t worry about any opposition. Each of us has to pay the ultimate price for our actions, words, behaviors, and mindset.

You are living your life, and they are living their life.

Just go through whatever it is you have to go through and know that God is in control.

It will be all right anyway. And you’re going to be much smarter at the end of it all.

“So the next time you have trouble, this time it’s not even going to bother you as much as it did before because now you’ve seen the faithfulness of God. Now, it’s much easier for you to believe God the next time. And so every time that happens, you become more skilled at trusting God. You come to the point eventually where you’re really not that aware when opposition is in your way because you’ve just learned how to deal with stuff and just go on with your life and do what you’re supposed be doing.” ~ Joyce Meyer

I can say from my sources that this is very true. The key is to know that we must be willing to make a conscious choice and effort to create your world. You can either become immune to opposition or you can become hardened by it… It’s your choice.

The longer we walk with God, the easier it is to go through things. The longer we walk with God, the more we trust him to take care of our opposition. It’s just that simple. It takes effort, but it is that simple.

Oh, yes, we may stumble and we may fall, but the stumbling and falling becomes less and less tragic, heart wrenching, and long gated each and every time we remember to put our faith in God.

Just imagine the idea, the possibility, the truth that the opposition in front of you was actually for your good. It’s possible… and likely.

So there’s no doubt you will have opposition. The only control you have is how you handle it. Handle it well and your blessings will follow.

“One of the greatest things that you can do, in front of your unbelieving friends, is to stay stable in difficult times. And the first who wants to make peace, is the stronger one in God.” Joyce Meyer

“God, help me do this right.”

I’m going to make it.

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