One Last Bag Run

So we made one last bag run for the homeless. Gladys and I had a total of thirty or so bags and boxes to share with Serve City; filled with blankets (much needed), coats, scarfs, hats, gloves, socks, and such. 

So why our last bag run? 

Because although the bags were well received, the shelter is able to supply many of the toiletries we shared in the past. And, YES, they still need help, and,YES, they still need donations…just not necessarily in ‘bag’ format and not necessarily toiletries. 

As we made our last bag drop off, I had an ah-ha moment.(Scary…I know.) 

I think, bulk donations are a nice thing for shelters. With all of the donations received, it’s one less stack they have to go through ahead of time. I will keep that in mind the next time I have items to give. 

Just imagine…if you separate the items into whatever they are, that’s now helping the person on the other end when they go through all of it. 

NOW, you not only are giving, but you are giving with purpose! 

So while the bags were a nice idea, shelters may be better served by putting ALL of something in ONE bag; no wondering what’s in each one. That’s my take on it anyway :-). 

Also, we believe our efforts could be more personal and hands on by sharing more of ourselves with the tenants in the shelters, pantries, and soup kitchens…along with taking donations of items on occasion. Soooo…what does that really mean? 

Well, I’d say working in the pantries and soup kitchens, along with creating a moment in time with the homeless and needy; where we are drawing, painting, teaching, learning, talking, and hearing with the people we want to serve… and allowing God to take us from there. 

Time will tell…and you can be sure I will share details when we do. 

One opportunity that recently showed up is the chance to do a painting project right up the street at New Life Baptist Mission; the place I wrote about a couple years ago (article below). How awesome is that! And convenient with both places being in the same area. Our journey seems to be coming full circle.

The other opportunity that is very gratifying for me is working the pantry at Serve City. I’ve only done it a few times, but I’m hopeful as I get more focused in my personal life, I will be able to frequent that more.  

All I know for sure is if you are ever looking for a way to give back, just head on over to the pantry on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 10 AM to help for a couple of hours. You will walk away feeling good about yourself…because you’ve done something good; a selfless act of kindness and it’s always good to give. Not to mention, they certainly could use our help.  

May God bless YOU with good health, happiness, and a bountiful of necessities. 

Special thanks go to Valerie Roos, Betty Thompson, Stephanie Truman Flatt, Traci Click, Christy Randall, and others who donated. 

Happy giving!

Who is… 

Serve City 

New Life Baptist Mission 

In case you’re interested, here are a few articles about this topic.

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