It’s Hard to Love a Rock…


…unless you’re a grateful rock

Do you ever find yourself with a wall built around you so no one can hurt you? Life can be tough at times, and we don’t know what to do to make things right.

Since we can’t control the world, let’s start with you. What is it that makes you lose sleep at night, sticks in your back with a gnawing pain, or haunts your thoughts like a broken record?

What keeps you from being able to love?

The first step in any conflict resolution is to it acknowledge what it is that keeps you from being vulnerable, loving, and kind.

Why are you so afraid of being hurt…and what is it that there is so much to be afraid of?

Is the idea of being rejected, lied to, or dismissed as big a deal as your mind and spirit thinks it is?

Sometimes you learn that you have to love people from a distance. Other times, you just have to learn to love yourself first so that you can love those around you with a kind and open heart.

Answer this question: do you love yourself…and do you love yourself enough?

We can all easily say that we love ourselves, but do we really? Do we give ourselves the gifts that other people already have? Gifts as in a peaceful soul???

Be brave. Try to make yourself vulnerable to those who you fear the most. What you may find is that you just set yourself free! You realize there really isn’t that much to fear, and you can protect yourself at the same time.

“How,” you say?

By being aware of yourself, your spirit, and your heart. It really is that easy to love yourself. Begin to talk to yourself in a kind way. Realize that you are worthy of love, respect, and kindness. Make note that you want to be that type of person, too.

Certainly, everyone likes to be liked, and no one actually wants to choose to be shut off from others. We just get stuck sometimes, and we don’t take the time to open ourselves up.

You can protect yourself by staying aware. As you talk to other people, think, “Does this person really care about me?” or “What does this relationship offer? Is it love, money, friendship, work, or simply an acquaintance?”

In time, you can begin to see who truly cares about you, who puts up with you, who respects you, who you need as much as they need you, and who really just uses you for their own benefit. Life become so much clearer when you’re aware.

You can recognize what is good in your life, what you have to be grateful for, and what there really is to fear. It’s usually not the people you think it is.

Obviously, this is not for those who are being abused. That is an entirely different conversation.

If you find that you can’t hug someone with both arms, find yourself bashing the opposite sex, or you just have an aggressive nature, take a stand for yourself and be brave.

Tell yourself that you are the one missing out on the good that life has to offer. Concentrate on figuring out you. Your self awareness is key to resolving what is going on in your life. How you act and react take on a whole new meaning when you are aware of it.

Be brave, my friend. Do yourself the favor.




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