Do Your Children Know What You Believe In?

If your morals, values, and beliefs about God are not taught to your children, chances are they will seek the structure of what to believe in through whoever is willing to speak to them.

Experience is a blessing, unfortunately, sometimes there are victims from not knowing sooner.

A better way is to try and learn how and why it’s so important to mold a child in the way you believe so that they have a good start.

This doesn’t mean not to give them their own mind and spiritual feelings, but a way to show them and guide them so they don’t go looking elsewhere for the knowledge.

In today’s world, we are seeing the concerns of young people trying to find their way. I believe some of the pain and self destruction in young people is caused by not having any direction in life, teachers who are teaching the wrong thing, and the continuous, constant separation of family.

Your kids are your teacher and you are theirs. Stay aware.

I recognize I did my best when I was younger…with the knowledge and little awareness that I had at the time. Now, I know I could have done much more, and today I spend my time trying to teach others what I wish I would have known.

No one is ever too old, or has done something long enough, to not be able to learn more.




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