New Books Coming: Writing with a Purpose

I am happy to announce that I am yet again writing a book. In fact, five or six of them! These won’t be a three hundred page book like Loving with Purpose, but still just as special and full of knowledge. Since July, 2010 when Loving with Purpose came to fruition, I have tried to put pen to paper to set off on my second work of art. Trying to find the quiet time should be easy, I know, but something always seems to get in the way.

The first step was getting some help from a dear friend of mine. She helped me get organized with my thoughts and papers, and now…finally…I have all my book ideas in order and I’m ready to write!

Next, I had to decide what order I wanted my content and what I wanted to fixate on first. One thing I learned from my first book…wait on the formatting. It’s useless to try to get everything just so while writing. Now I am beginning the process of writing more content.

I want to share some of my articles, specific details from Loving with Purpose, along with adding more content to create separate books on various topics: Dating, Relationships, Children, Consciousness, and so on. Each book will have content that is geared toward a particular reader; organized in a way that they can see a flow of information that guides them on their way.

When I wrote my first love, Loving with Purpose, I wrote to a broader audience; sharing pages and pages on a variety of topics, while the new books will be specific and with new information.

The new ebooks will only cost 99 cents and the content will be directed to a particular audience. I’ll have to wait and see what the paperbacks go for, but I know the price will be fair.

I can’t wait to get one of the books done and on its way to you!
Best of all….I’m finally writing again.

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