Be One of the Chosen…Nonprofit Organization or Group

Two life coaches have teamed up to share how YOU can get more respect in your future, while learning to shed some of the memories of your past. You can get it all by attending the seminar…

Expect to be Respected

Kimberly Mitchell and Pam Rettig are two life coaches driven to make the world a better place. With that, they have opened themselves up to share some of their experience, knowledge, and insights so that other women can get out of pain faster than they did.

They are giving away two FREE two-hour seminars to two lucky nonprofit women’s groups/organizations and YOUR group could be one of them!

If you know of a women’s group who could be interested in receiving more about this interesting topic, please let us know. We will select two groups from all who apply.

To apply for one of these two FREE seminars, please send a note to stating why we should choose your group.

Imagine having more techniques at your fingertips…that boost your confidence and self-esteem; not to mention receiving valuable relationship tools that open the door to more respect.

You could have more clarity in your life, leave behind some of those old pains, and have new energy and exhilaration so that YOU can change your future.

Check out our announcement; then contact Kim or Pam for more information.

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