Women, Treat Your Men Well

We always hear, read, and see messages on how men should treat women…and that is all true, but what about women???

Whoopi Goldberg was  recently slammed by her cohosts on The View for stating that if a woman hits a man, she better be ready to be hit back.

While, I strongly believe a man should never hit a woman, I also believe a woman should never hit a man. Coming from a couple abusive situations myself, and seeing other women in similar situations, I have to agree with Whoopi…a woman better be ready to get hit back.

Does that mean I agree that a woman SHOULD be hit if she hits a man. Obviously, no, no, and triple no; HOWEVER, when I hear situations where a man is sleeping in bed and gets woke up by an aggressive jab to the ribs by his wife who wants to argue, she better be on her guard when he wakes up and slams her before he has time to think. The same goes for the woman who decides to ram her fist into her husband’s mid-back, as he walks away from her to avoid a fight. While I do believe he should restrain himself from lashing back, chances are, if a woman is going to hit a man in a manner that catches him off guard, she better have her shield of armor up or fast legs ready to run because he may be ready to push back.

Then there is the situation when a woman is face-to-face with her man and decides to haul off and hit him. What then??? Well, I have to agree and disagree with Whoopi on this one. While I think the rule applies to both sexes, I think a good man will restrain the wild woman versus hitting her back. Still, I have said from a young adult age (post-abuse), “if a woman has enough balls to hit a man, she better be ready to be hit back.” No one should put their hands on each other. Period.

If you want to look at this from a personal perspective, all of us need to have standards for the people we choose in our lives. But, where are the standards for you? What do you expect from yourself? Is it okay with you that you haul off and hit someone you supposedly love? I sure hope not. I’m very certain that God wouldn’t want you to manage your life that way. That man is His child, too.

Remind yourself that you only control how you behave; not someone else. If a man is treating you badly, it is up to you to make change occur…for you and any children you may be influencing. Here what I am saying….this is not a relationship death sentence…yet. Leaving is not the only source of answer; it honestly depends on what is going on. People change because they want to, and they don’t because they don’t have to.

Make change possible by setting standards and expectations for yourself. It’s the only way to make a happier future. God bless and good luck.

As for the image attached, remind yourself about what standards you are teaching your children. They could look and behave very similar to YOU someday.Treat men well

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