My 1st book

“A relationship book that really works!”

Loving with Purpose gives women and their relationships a BIG BOOST in the love and caring department by having them take a look at their choices. Their choices in dating, marriage, with their kids, friends…even their finances! Although I wrote this book to women, I still get overwhelmed when men tell me they, too, have read the book and found ways to improve their relationships.


  • Watch as YOU create a different outcome in your relationships…simply by being more self-aware. You can literally become your own personal CHANGE AGENT!
  • Learn fun and easy ways to make your life and your relationships run smoother simply by loving with purpose.
  • As you begin your journey of personal development, see how you simultaneously make your partner, family, and friends feel special in the process.

COVER for websites SMALLESTHave a better connection and receive more love and tenderness in your relationships, all while growing personally. As you walk through the pages, you can get excited as you anticipate the changes you put in place right now.


Read from cover to cover or one section at a time…either way you create the changes you desire.



Would you like to carry my book in your store? Do you have more questions? Please leave a Comment below and someone will get back with you right away.

Thank you for your support and best wishes for a happier tomorrow,

Kimberly Mitchell

More books coming soon!

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