“A relationship coach that knows what she’s talking about!”

Sometimes we just need a little support with a particular relationship, and sometimes we need more direction on how to get our life back on track. Dating, marriage, children, and even friends can bring about conflict in our lives, and we need to know how to deal with them so we can continue to have happy, healthy relationships.

Grow yourself personally, learn better ways to handle difficult relationship issues, and sort out some of the negativity surrounding you by seeking some guidance…and Kim can help.

How does she do that? By focusing on YOU and not the situation.

Author of Loving with Purpose

Author of Loving with Purpose

Kim has been preparing as a coach her whole life. She has been schooled on some of the sad, dysfunctional, and harmful types of behavior…and she learned most of that by being a student of life. She knows what some of that negative behavior feels like, and through her years, she learned why some of it happened, to her and to others.

She now believes that many times (not always) others can change what’s going on in their life simply by changing something in themselves…that thing that allows the negativie behavior.

Kim bases her coaching on conscious choices. She has learned how to turn certain relationships around simply by making a different choice.

With her coaching, Kim will guide you through the struggles you face, offer you ways to sort out what isn’t working, and deliver practical, easy tools and techniques that help you to help yourself.

Kim’s coaching tips not only work in one particular type of relationship, but with other relationships, too.

You and your relationships will get a BIG BOOST in the love and caring department when you receive dynamic, effective tools and techniques that can work for you long-term.

Phone sessions

Once payment is received, I will contact you via email to set up a meeting time. Prices for calls in the US only.

30 minutes – $40.00

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 60 minutes – $75.00

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4 – 60 minutes – $225.00

(4 hours of coaching)

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Please   contact Kim directly for In-person and group session rates.

If you would like to go it alone…

Check out her book, Loving with Purpose. It’s all about a woman’s choices; her choices in dating or marriage, with her kids, her friends…even her finances!

Realize how YOU can create a new outcome by becoming your own personal CHANGE AGENT!

Learn fun and easy ways to make your life and your relationships run smoother simply by loving with purpose. As you begin your journey of personal development, you simultaneously make your partner feel special in the process.


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Thank you for your support and best wishes for a happier tomorrow,

Kimberly Mitchell

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