Book Release: 101 Ways to Help Your Child Become a Super, Awesome Adult

101 Ways to Help Your Child Become a Super, Awesome Adult

Tools to Shape a Child’s Character, Self-Esteem & Overall Well-Being

by Kimberly Mitchell

CINCINNATI, OH – Author, Kimberly Mitchell, is proud to announce the release of her book, 101 Ways to Help Your Child Become a Super, Awesome Adult. She speaks directly to parents and caregivers, offering valuable information about how to raise a well-balanced, healthy-minded, happy child. Kim’s book shares 101 useful, practical tools that can be utilized on a daily basis. Her writing covers just about every topic regarding a child that you can think of…and some you might not have thought of before! Her objective: supporting a parent’s goal to raise a child with the best possible outcome…for the child and the entire family!

“You’ve got a fabulous book here! I LOVE all of the chapter titles and subtitles”
“Yes! I love this topic!  Journaling is valuable…at every age and season!” ~ Annette B

Note from the author: Since children don’t come with a manual, it’s up to us to do whatever we can to build their skills while they are young. We won’t always know what the right thing is to do; especially, when we are in the moment.

When a child is having a meltdown, and we get anxious, we might handle a situation in a way we wish we had not. Since both parties are stressed, the conclusion may not be what we expected. Then again, we might choose what is easiest…just to stop the madness. Most likely, we would go back and change our response. Since that’s in the past, there is very little we can do about our reaction. The best we can do is find healthier solutions with the hope that we do better with the next problem that shows up.

“Helpful tools for the imperfect parent or caregiver”

Every now and then, we will be faced with a child who is upset and in pain. Certainly, we will try to help, but sometimes we just can’t get to the bottom of the issue. We don’t know what is troubling them nor do we know what to do about it. They could be acting out, showing signs of depression, or struggling to find a solution on their own. All we know is that we want to help them get out of pain. If we are willing to be patient and put in the work, there are ways we can support them.

Throughout their young lives, our goal remains the same. We want to find a way to help a child flourish. We look for opportunities to make a difference in their life. Whether we change something about their day-to-day activities, assist them to get past a hurdle, find faith, set goals, become more mindful, or when we just want to make them feel more loved, our goal is to encourage them to find ways to be happy, healthy, and successful.

This book covers an enormous number of topics to help you achieve success with a child.

  • Do you need more structure? It’s in there.
  • Do you want to bring the family closer? It’s in there.
  • Do you want to help a child in distress? It’s in there.
  • Does a child need help with change? It’s in there!

In fact, there are 101 topics that can help you to protect, love, care, and structure a child’s ever-changing life. With love and support, you can help your child become a super, awesome adult.


I also want to take a moment to thank my dear friend, Mary Beth Boggs, who created the little kids inside the book. The images offered me inspiration as I wrote about how to help children everywhere.

Happy reading!

Kimberly Mitchell

“I found myself wanting to read more. Totally kept my interest! I tried to relate to myself bringing up my own kids.” 
“Some of the topics actually pertain to adults, too!” ~ Gladys G


You can find 101 Ways to Help Your Child Become a Super, Awesome Adult at Amazon in paperback or eBook, and please leave a review there or at


101 Ways to Help Your Child Become a Super, Awesome Adult


101 Ways to Help Your Child Become a Super, Awesome Adult is a daily motivational book. You can read one topic at a time or continue on; capturing much about how to help your child and your family.

Paperback – $12.95

eBook – $3.69

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