You Are Better Off Because…

Sometimes in life, you are simply better off having met certain people.

The one who showed you how to apply yourself in a more respectful way, or that person who taught you to look at both sides of a situation before judging it. Maybe someone helped you to open your heart to possibilities, or they shared their story which made you see life in a whole new way.

There is always something to learn from another person, and there is always a way to apply it to our own life. We just need to be open to it.

The next time you recognize how someone changed something inside you, please share that with them. You could just be the light they needed in that moment.

Maybe today you are the one who is the reason why someone is better off because…

2 responses to “You Are Better Off Because…

  1. So true Kimberly!! Even if you meet someone who in the long run turns out to not be the friend you thought they were, it’s a learning opportunity. Hard as it may be to go through you will come out a better person for the experience.

  2. Kim, great point! I strongly believe that is why we are called to work together in this life, despite our difference in opinion or viewpoints. Kim McKinney

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