Change Your Thoughts | Change Your Life

Have you ever just thought and thought and thought about something really sad until you couldn’t take it anymore? How about spiraling out of control (emotionally) with thoughts about something bad that ‘could’ happen? Do your thoughts ever get in the way of your joy or purpose; leaving you lifeless with no ability to accomplish all the things you need or want to do?

I think all of us have stayed too long with our thoughts at one time or another, but there is good news!

You can change your life remarkably by controlling your thoughts and making mindful, conscious choices in your life. It begins with being ready for change. If you’re not ready, there’s no need to read on. And still…I challenge you to consider the idea that there is something you don’t know about being mindful that could change your life. 

The Mindful, Intentional YOU is a daily motivational book. Read one section at a time or continue on; capturing much about how to be intentional in your choices and mindset.

Check out the book sample on Amazon.


Paperback – $8.25

eBook – $2.99


A great gift idea for that certain someone who needs clarity or correction in their mindset. Perfect for women of all ages. Also, please share this post…in hopes you help someone else, too.

All the best,

Kimberly Mitchell

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