Encouraging Dads Project picked me UP!

I have been offered many opportunities to write for other websites, but I don’t necessarily take them all. This one I did.

Encouraging Dads Project asked me to write an article about a father who would be inspiring to other men. Since I wanted this man to be unique, I took my time deciding who I would choose. Of course, I know many dads who are good, but very few who hold all the special qualities I sought in this man. There are patient ones, smart ones, and even responsible ones, but still there was something missing in each one I found. Was he even-tempered, engaged, a great communicator, and loving? Yes, all of the above! It takes a lot to be the best at everything, and most of us only do a pretty-good job at parenting. Many of us are good, but we’re probably not great at the job. It’s hard!

So I chose a man who I know for the many qualities he embodies. I still wouldn’t say he is the best because that would mean perfection, but in my opinion, he is one dad who did his very best.

Take a moment to read my article and see what I mean…

A Man on a Mission

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