One Simple Way To Reach The Kids

Would life be simpler if you could just get some peace and quiet?

Sometimes that’s not so easy when there are multiple personalities running around, and everyone has feelings, responsibilities, quirks, priorities, and characteristics.

Or, maybe you just want to find a way to reach your child. Perhaps, sharing a new house rule, discipline, and sometimes diving deeper; figuring out how you can get them to open up about problems or sadness.

How about adding just one new way to talk with the kids?

Start a new home habit; make a point to do this one new way once a week for now.

Of course, you will probably want to up the amount…once you realize you’re both enjoying the time together. In fact, it could become the new way you interact with them…time at the table.

Simply sit them at the dining table and just start talking.

That’s it! Habit has begun. Now, it’s up to you to begin it as a positive or negative encounter. Then, it’s up to everyone involved to continue along…with you…making a point to keep conversation in a peaceful tone.

Defining the location sets a tone for the conversation, “Hey, I need to talk,” and you can pick any place that feels comfortable to you. Go fishing, take a walk or a drive; whatever works for you.

All kidding aside…it begins with being serious and kind. That let’s them know you mean business.

Sure, it gets light as you both come up with ways to find a meaningful solution to the issue, or when you’re telling them “this is the way it has to be. Life can give you a whole list of examples to why it’s important to connect with your kids.

Then, as life moves on, you remind your kiddos of all the successes as you make change a priority. And you did it together.

Just give it a try.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned through the years, it’s that making a change is always right in my grasp…if I just have the courage to reach for it.


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