God is my Witness…

With everything going on in the world today, it’s important for us to check ourselves; morally, consciously, and with great thought.

It is easy for any one of us to lash out about something we don’t agree with; creating more havoc, more hatred, and less open-minded conversation.  

It takes much more effort to restrain ourselves during times of controversy. ~ Loving with Purpose

My prayer is for everyone to take a moment. 

  • Stop before saying something cruel. 
  • Wait before judging the other person on what they believe. 
  • Remember to show respect through restraint in our voice and our actions, and 
  • Open our minds to the idea that maybe…just maybe…there is something they feel, believe, or are even right about that we didn’t see at the time. 

Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” ~ Stephen Covey

Look for the peaceful solution whenever possible, and know that sometimes our silence and retreat from conflict may be the right direction. We don’t always have to share our thoughts and opinions.

Ask yourself, “Will sharing my thoughts and opinions really make an impact on the greater good?” and “Will this conversation really change lives one way or another?” Sometimes, staying quiet offers us more control than any words could do. 

None of us have all the answers. Destruction, killing, hatred, and cruelty will never be the answer for a peaceful society. In the same breathe, we must protect ourselves from those willing to hurt and kill us. I believe God understands this and forgives those who are not creating evil, but defying it. 

When you are faced with the challenge of opposite opinions, check yourself. You may be the change that this world needs. #Onepersonatatime. 

God, please bless all of the people who are willing to open their minds, open their hearts, and seek for Your guidance. Please show Your love and Your power to those who need it the most. Help to guide each and everyone of us toward peace. Amen

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