A Simple Moment With A Stranger Gives Validation

On a recent visit to restock the shelves at The Pleasantree; a store where my book resides, I met one of the many customers who frequent this fine boutique. You could tell that she was a gentle woman by looking into her kind eyes and listening to her speak softly to her family and friends. As she approached me, she asked quietly if I was the author of the book. When I confirmed that I was, she got very excited and said “Oh, how wonderful for you!” She asked how much the book was and said she would buy one for her sister who was going through a very difficult time.

As conversation continued, I told her that I recently had finished my invention, along with helping others with their invention and book publishing, and was finally ready to get back to writing. She excitedly said again, “Oh, how wonderful! I will say a prayer for you!” I told her how much I would appreciate her prayers, and that it had been far too long since I had sat down and wrote. She again wished me luck and said, “Let’s pray now!” I said, “Sure…okay!”  In that moment, we bowed our heads and held hands, as I listened intently to her speak to God about my upcoming undertaking and how she wanted Him to wish me well as my journey began. We hugged, she bought my book from the store, and I walked out feeling more enthusiastic than ever to begin my chosen path of writing.

This moment meant the world to me because I believe God works through us in many ways. I don’t think it was by accident that I walked into that store right then, and that I met this sweet woman who would begin my adventure of writing with a blessing from God.

After I left, I walked next door to grab a sweet treat at the bakery (bad, I know), and the first thing I saw was a sign attached to a clip board on the counter with the words, “This is here on purpose.” Now, most of you wouldn’t think twice about that message, but for me, with having Loving with Purpose as my life-guide; not to mention, my moment with the dear woman, I felt it was just another sign that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. Yes, the sign meant for others not to pick up the clipboard, but for me, it was my sign to continue on my purposeful path.


I begin my writing venture with this post; sharing a moment in time that meant so much to my day.  This simple moment that gave me more confidence and eagerness that I am on the right path.

So, what are my plans? My plan is to begin this journey by deciphering some of my work. I plan to create several small books that were started a few years ago. I got sidetracked on several other projects and just couldn’t get back to them. My plan is to take writings from my book, blog, and brain, and create books that are specific to dating, marriage, children, abuse, religion, and other topics. Loving with Purpose has it all, but maybe all is not what some readers want! I also started a fiction book a couple of years ago, and I hope to get that completed as well!

With that, I am starting my writing with this post, and then continuing on with my books. I hope you will stay tuned to see what I offer, and I look forward to your reaction on whatever I write.

Wishing you many happy moments that brings a smile to your face.


K Mitchell





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