Setting Yourself Up To Be A Better Person

I have my phone set to remind myself to be a better person by doing one good deed each day.


While I can come up with about four already today, this one touched my heart the most.

I found myself going through a drive-thru where the young woman serving me was having a really bad day. To be clear, out her mouth came, “Ma’am, I’m sorry but I’m pretty pissed off today.”

I think she shared this with me because I started our conversation teasingly her; saying she didn’t sound like the guy on the microphone who took my order.

While I don’t think it’s best to use cuss words with customers, I looked passed that and saw her heart. Not to mention, I know I’ve said a word or two at inappropriate times. 😝

She told me it was her day off and she wasn’t even supposed to be there. If she wasn’t there, they would be screwed.

She went on to say she already went up front and yelled at the workers not doing their job.

Obviously, this was making her day even worse as now she’s dealing with the tension of the situation and her outburst toward her coworkers. Plus, yelling, most times, is not the right approach.

I mean, I don’t really think that people with good hearts want to be mean to others. Sometimes, it just happens. And to me, she looked to be one with a good heart.

I told her I was sorry she was having a bad day. “Now, you’ve already done what you did about the problem, now….let it go.”

Sure, she could go apologize if she feels appropriate, or she could make other conscious choices, but otherwise, emotionally, she needs to let the situation go.

I grabbed for her hand and said it again. “Let it go. It will only make you sick to hold onto that anger. Don’t do that to yourself. Trust me, it’s not worth it.”

As much as we all will go there and upset ourselves needlessly at times, it is in the moment that we give ourselves permission to simply go through it…then…let it go.

Certainly, we have times when this idea goes straight out the window; like when we are grieving a loved one, when our pain goes from our hearts and then to our heads…for more sorrowful or angry thoughts. We all have our moments…and that’s okay.

Still, in time, we learn that holding onto pains of the past only destroy us! Those emotions are not useful to our overall health.

I believe the sooner I can ‘let it go,’ the sooner my body’s immune system has more support to get stronger. And that will make me healthier and happier.

And, many times, the other side of the situation doesn’t even give the issue a second thought…making for even more pain or anger and frustration as it’s almost as if they don’t care. Maybe they do care, but they have learned to let it go.

The sooner we get past our anger and pain, the better chance we have to live a longer and healthier life.

For me, I know when I actually let something go because I can release it with love…or at least have no painful feeling attached to it.


Okay…so, back to my story. As I pulled out of the drive-thru, I thought about the young woman having a bad day. I smiled because I hoped that my empathy for her frustration, my touch to her hand, or maybe my words of getting past it would stay with her throughout the day. Maybe she would feel less stress with each passing thought.

I almost went back through the line; just to ask her if she was feeling a little better. Perhaps putting a smile on her face for my goofiness. Don’t worry, I didn’t. I held back. 😜
All I know is I made an attempt and I hope I made a small difference.

My challenge for you. Find a way to remind yourself to touch someone’s life each and every day; no matter how small. Write it down, post it, set a reminder; then, make a mental note of at least one thing you did to help someone else this day.

What is nothing to you, might mean the world to someone else.

Now (or later), share it with others! Make a comment under this post! I would love to hear how you are making someone’s day.

If you are the one with anger or pain (and we all have some), please find a way to release it and let it go. For your health’s sake…and perhaps making it so someone else is released in that same moment.

Every conscious thought can create another conscious thought. Before you know it, you are getting past anger and pain much faster than you did in the past.

God bless.


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