I am happy to present author and inventor, Charles A Cummings, and his newest book,




A “look” at both ends of the universe, from the very small to the very big, may shed “light” on the birth of the universe and if such a thing actually occurred.

The existence of the universe may be more fundamental than its numbering account; the binary system (zeros and ones).

The fundamental question that has been proposed is: Could the beginning of time and creation start with anything but a singularity?

CHARLES ARNOLD CUMMINGS is the author of the book, WHAT-WHERE IS THE UNIVERSE?  He is also the author of the 1967 book, GRAVITY – A Dynamic State – NOT  a field.  Charles has spent his entire life creating, questioning, and trying to understand those parts of our universe that have been, or need to be, created.

In just three short chapters, The Evidence, The Essence, and Imagination, the author shares his opinion of the science and spirituality behind it all.

Just click the icon to buy Chuck’s book for $6.95 through PayPal’s secure site. The book will be mailed promptly to you.


As a reader of Loving with Purpose, you may be wondering how this ended up here. For me, it’s my way of supporting someone who supported me many years ago. Chuck and his family are ‘good people’ and I wanted to give him a space to share his work while giving you, the reader, an understanding of my intentions.

As someone who met him at a very young age (around seven), I experienced his creativity when he brought home a green Easy Bake Oven for me. At the time, my mother was in the hospital and I was staying with him and his family. For years, I wondered what ever happened to this family; these people who took up space in my mind for almost fifty years. Why did I have such a need to find them?

In 2015, I found my answer! After multiple connections on Facebook, I finally found his wife. When we finally spoke on the phone, I learned many things; one of which being that not only did Chuck give me that Easy Bake Oven, but he was one of the inventors of it! How cool is that! I went to meet Chuck, his wife, and the once little girl who now had grown to my age.

Since then, I have worked with Chuck to get his invention, Sit and Stay Fit Pillow, out to the public, received some feedback on my invention (Mitz Fitz coming soon), and have built a new relationship where we are now connecting personally and professionally.

For just $6.95 you can reach into Chuck’s mindset about our world, and perhaps discover a unique way of looking at it. Once you’ve read the book, don’t hesitate to give your assessment of WHAT-WHERE IS THE UNIVERSE? by commenting below.

Just click on the icon to buy Chuck’s book for $6.95 through PayPal or Amazon’s secure sites. The book will be mailed promptly to you.

Kimberly Mitchell

Loving with Purpose: The Journeys You Take | The Choices You Make


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