What Do You REALLY Want Out Of Life?

Have you ever created a list of things you need to do? Or, how about a list of all the details you wanted out of a mate, house, job, or simply one that overall details what you want from your life? What about outlining what you see as your purpose. 

What’s that old saying…

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. ~ Benjamin Franklin

While I don’t believe everything in your life needs to be planned, I do believe in honing in on the right goals. I also believe in the law of attraction; putting your desires out there to encourage those particular things to show up. 

I didn’t always understand this idea of lists… although I did create many of those to do lists through the years; tossing or rewriting them as I crossed out each item. 

Now later in life, when I look back on some of my goal lists, I see how some of my wants have shown up, while some still remain open. Now, I just have to decide how important those other items are before going after them, leaving them behind, or crossing them off.

A very good example of why SEG’s (standards, expectations, and goals) are important to me begins at my writing. I wrote letters in school, poems as a young wife and mother, and shared my dreams of writing for decades with friends. 

There is nothing like hearing someone else tell you what your dream was…that they always knew you would write, or “Hey, did you ever finish writing that book you always wanted to?”…and you don’t even remember talking about writing to others !!! 

Maybe because life was always busy… raising a son, struggling to pay a mortgage, working two or three jobs…who has time for dreams?!?

Maybe I would have been more focused, gotten way more sleep and more valuable time with my son because I hadn’t tried to create that home business while working full time and on weekends…keeping me way too busy and unavailable to my family. 

Still, I ended up here…writing and such, but imagine how much more I could have done…had I written it down two decades ago on a list. 

Obviously, as we get older, our desires (and needs) change, and our SEG needs updated as we go. 

What was important at one time, may not be important at all now. More importantly, what wasn’t a desire at one time is now crucial to your well being.

So, if some items on your list end up not being what you truly wanted or needed, why even create one? Why is it important to set standards, expectations, and goals if what is desired ends up changing anyway? 

  • Because that list could potentially save you from falling into a deep, dark hole on the bumpy road of life.
  • Because that list could stop you from making certain mistakes along the way; missing where God might have wanted you to go all along. 
  • Because that list can aim you in the right direction.
  • Because that list serves as a way to achieve more than just randomly walking through the life that God gave you.
  • Because that list is awesome to look at five years later to see what you’ve accomplished.
  • And because that list takes the unfocused you, and makes you into someone with a plan, a goal, and as someone with a purpose.
  • For me, perhaps it would have been writing, long before I began. 

Godspeed in your purpose. 

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