Pay Mind When God Directs Your Steps

There’s no doubt that, if we pay attention, God will show us where to go.

Last night I started to ponder the idea of how to stay connected to God more frequently than I am today. I’m always reaching for my faith in times of good and bad, but when you put Him in your daily moments, you can see good things come about…if you stay focused.

I don’t mean head against the floor or hands propped in prayer, but deep focus that He is there…in the moments. Acting as if you have Him standing (or sitting) right beside you; watching you as you work.

Here are a couple of recent ah ha‘s for me:

The last couple of days, I’ve been talking about getting back to my writing. I open up a magazine that I thumb through often…all I see is books, book sets, audio books, and mini-books. None of which are usually in this type of magazine.

Hmmmm….is law of attraction at work, and my thoughts are bringing the subject matter to the forefront, or is that God directing me, telling me, “yes” that is the right way to your purposeful path.

I thought about that through the evening; then, I woke up and decided to post my thoughts on Facebook.


About an hour after I posted about picking up my writing by first of March, what happens next? I get a call for a small book job that (in first thoughts) should only take about a month to complete, but I know that may not be true. What I think they want and what they actually need may be two different things…so I wait. I am waiting to say “yes” until I have thought about the journey IN FULL.

Why? Because I have a tendency to say “yes” before looking at the big picture. Then, six months later, I come up for air; hoping to near the end of what I thought would take a few hours of my time.

A smart entrepreneur or writer thinks projects out….before she takes on the work.  An even smarter one, thinks the project out BEFORE she begins her work! I have to determine my time, look at the entire timeline of items that need to occur, put that all in fair terms, and then decide if my plan includes one or six months on the same project. Plus, making sure I get to my own writing…for sanity sake.  

I know, I know, you probably are saying, “Well, duh!”

The thing is, for the most part, I have always been a ‘yes’ woman. I have always worked for someone else and did what needed to be done. Then, I wrote my book which took over three years; writing, editing, fumbling, researching, redoing, and publishing. You would think I’d learn about the ‘wait’ opportunity. Oh no, I took on other books; offering my time and efforts (a couple times for free), only to realize it was six months later when I finished. In those moments, it was out of love and respect for their service, and for my learning of the process.

Then, there are the seminars and classes I’ve done. Only, after a year and half, deciding, “I think it’s time to make them into electronic workshops; allowing people to buy the class, offering many more the opportunity to hone in on their speaking skills. Now, just to find the time to write….

Now today, I have taken on inventions; a couple of mine and someone else’s product. I wonder, “How did I get here from writing?”

I know one of mine came from the heart, while the other came from a necessity; both of which are not done yet. The other person’s invention came from a purposeful search for a family friend…all because I never stopped wondering about them!

I always knew mom and daughter’s name, that I lived with them for a while (I thought long, but learned only a long weekend), one of the kid’s was allergic to cow’s milk so she drank goat’s milk, they had a spiral staircase that I went down on my behind, and I watched as dad walked home from the bus stop; carrying a green Easy Bake Oven…and it was for me!

I was only seven at the time, but I remember that time at their house like no other. I don’t know if I ever saw much of them after that weekend, but I’ve caught myself many times thinking, “I wonder what ever happened to them.”

From what I remember, it was the last time I saw them until a year ago. I had done a few searches for them on Facebook, but now I finally found the mom! How cool is that! We reached out by phone, I told her my memories, and she said, “He not only gave you that Easy Bake Oven, he invented it!” Now that is really cool!

I was so excited to finally talk to her and pick her brain about my mom a bit, that it took me a few days to realize, “Hey, I am working on this invention, the dad is an inventor, I wonder if he would be willing to guide me toward the next steps.” We’ve met a few times this past year, and I’ll be seeing him again soon to work on his invention, Sit and Stay Fit Pillow.

Does that all sound like a path that was meant to be? Why would this family be so important to my memories. It wasn’t like I didn’t live elsewhere through my childhood. Mom was in the hospital a lot so times away from home probably were more than I remember. What are the odds that I would be struggling with how to get to next steps on my invention, only to meet up with an inventor?

All I can say is it has been quite the journey. For me, getting back into writing can be challenging because I tend to get consumed in the work; hours passing before I ever realize that I haven’t done this, that, or the other.

While I wasn’t looking for another person’s book, it is very short, he’s an inventor, a family friend, and I want to help him be successful with his work.

I believe God puts people and things in our path to show us the way. It is our job to determine what that path has to offer, what isn’t supposed to be on that path, what is meant as a distraction; ultimately giving us free will to determine if we chose well or not.

Still, I believe in this man (and his family) and I want to show my appreciation for the memory and connection in life that we share. For me, I believe my steps are being directed by God, and the projects I am involved in are meant for my learning or my purpose…same as you. It is up to us to decide which are which.


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