Technology, Family, and Consequences of 2016

While I work to keep Loving with Purpose in a positive light; love, kindness, and relationship building, through 2016 I think many of us saw the horrific scenes of death and disaster among us, and I want to reflect on a bit of that shame. As I take a moment to ponder on a few things that became clear to me (what I think needs to change), here is my take…

Technology: although we love them, cell phones and computers have taken over many of our relationships. My goal is to do more calling than texting this year. Obviously, texting, messaging, and social media are all awesome when you know someone is at work, busy, or driving, but I think at least sometimes I will start texting, “Hey, got a minute for me to call?”

On a positive note, I am blessed with many more familiar faces (and new ones) because of social media so it’s definitely not all bad. Maybe we just need to find some balance on how we communicate.

Mental healthcare: Is there such a thing these days? To me, it seems a lot more people are going nuts on the streets than there were since I was born. The government needs to figure out a way to get people the help they need! Some people are really sick, some are addicts, some are nuts. Regardless of their condition, they need our help.lowlights-of-2016

While I know there are good doctors who do right by their patients, from personal experience, I have watched other doctors over-prescribe to my mother and other loved ones for medication that should have been monitored much more closely. I know doctors who have given a diagnosis for someone’s ailment, instead of working with the patient to see what else could be done…other than, “here, take this.” There needs to be more offerings than just prescriptions. With our service men and women coming home with post-trauma, don’t we at least owe them more than just a pill? I realize there is some assistance out there, individuals and companies doing their part, but definitely not enough…and definitely not enough accountability on the part of the participants…on both sides. While mental illness is real, what we choose to do with it as an individual can make all the difference. In many cases, just because a person is ill, it doesn’t mean all of their healthcare is in the hands of one person; the patient, too, has work to do.

As a result, today, we have doctors who aren’t held accountable for the problem they helped create (opioid addictions), drug addicts being given a life-saver, with little to no help available…after their life was spared. What then? Do they just keep using, being saved, not held accountable, using, being saved??? Then there are people like my mom who was diagnosed, and then rediagnosed for forty-something years; each doctor prescribing new medicines, more medicines, and then new doctors. No fun for her or my father.

My mom; boy, do I miss her. Life has never been the same since she left at 62 years old. My dad; well, he’s my lifesaver. Without him, I don’t know where my sisters and I would have ended up.

Absolutely, there is a lack of mental health care…and supposedly people are being helped with new and improved options, but really, I think, a lot of old healthcare choices are still first choice for many doctors and patients.

We need updated teachers and talent, doctors who appreciate the fact that there are other options available; that just because they didn’t learn about it in school (very little nutrition and holistic options taught, I believe), it doesn’t mean it’s not possible…and helpful! Believe me, I’m not playing doctor, but I see what I see, and this is my opinion.

We don’t have enough mental health facilities and we don’t have enough prisons (although prisons need to figure out how to create change, too), and we need law and order…in my opinion.

Consequences: While I never want to see anyone suffer, I think consequences should be a stronger consideration for those doing harm to others; their person, their businesses, their homes, their families. There are little to no consequences for bad behavior these days.

Consequences would be best served by placing them on people not doing whatever it is they are supposed to be doing; their job, following rules (yes, I said rules), being respectful, and so on. If the thought consequence was on the forefront of everyone’s mind this year, maybe we could find solutions to some of the disaster, disrespect, and other horrors happening. I can’t imagine running amuck like some people are doing these days. I can’t comprehend killing someone…just because. Why? How is that okay?

While I have watched other human beings standing up for their rights, I feel many rights of other human beings have been stomped on in the process; security, trust, fairness, truth, and how about loving thy neighbor. How is it productive and right to hurt someone who had nothing to do with the situation at hand? Consequence should be handed out as much as dirty deeds are offered. There are too many people in trouble, and there are too many people making excuses. There is a HUGE lack of respect and compassion for each other in this world. Until that changes, we may just continue on this downward spiral. As for me (after this post), I will continue to uplift others with my thoughts, lessons I learned, dreams, and the thoughtful what ifs.

Broken Families: I made choices at a young age that I didn’t see changing every step of my life thereafter. I was married and out of the house at age seventeen. Who does that!!! lol

The blessing that came from those choices, and the reason I never regret my choices, is my son. Now, a man, he has always given my life purpose. My only sad thought (call it regret if you want) is that he came from a broken home. These days, we call it blended, but still, it was broken…and I put him there.

Back then, I had really hard times while raising my son; single mom, working three jobs for many of those years…even taking out eyes for the eye bank! (bet ya didn’t know that fact about me, did ya lol), but I never treated people like I’m seeing today. Sure, I wasn’t perfect, life wasn’t perfect, but I didn’t blame the rest of the world for it.

I know I don’t have the same issues as other people do, that I admit, but my life was not rosy…taking pennies from a jar to buy a box of donuts for breakfast at times. Times were tough, but I kept pushing forward. Me…not anyone else…me!

Parents need to put their kid’s character first, until such time as they are adults. They are accountable for at least a portion of their behavior. Sure, there are kids who turn out differently than raised, that’s a given, but more times than not, when a child is taught right from wrong, good from bad, respect versus disrespect, they turn out okay. At least, they go into situations and relationships with some armor…and I don’t mean guns.


In the end, until we come together, realize we are in this together, and try to see another person’s perspective on issues, we will never get totally better. Much of this chaos is a very old fight that never got to the best place it could be…better but not best. In fact, in this past year, sadly I think we went backwards. My prayer is that God takes the wheel.

Photo courtesy of Dreamstime

Photo courtesy of Dreamstime

As for me, I will continue to take the high road; offering service, being kind, and trying to show love to those around me. I will avoid problems and look for solutions instead of creating more problems.

We need to raise what we EXPECT from each other. If a person can’t reach that expectation, we need to decide what we allow and what we don’t….therefore, making a conscious choice and when necessary…offering consequence to those undelivered expectations. So as to not take this out of context, I mean, you either allow something or you alter it so that you are respected, treated fairly…and all the while being respectful, peaceful, and kind to the other.

When it is all said and done, can you say you were Loving with Purpose?

#ConsciousChoices #consequences #peace #balance

Loving with Purpose

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