My Words Speak Action…

As I watch the terror unfold around the United States and beyond, I realize I’ve been using the wrong words to speak my emotions. As I know “I know this,” and have known for many years, I still stumble; as we all do.

For instance,

  • “I am saddened by the…,” or
  • “It makes me sick to think…,” and
  • “I hope he gets….” and other such wording.

Why are these the wrong words? Because, my speaking voice puts emotional and physical issues back on me.  In other words, my health. It took me a long time to recognize that my thoughts could be the worse enemy, and it was up to me to change it.

Put God First

Put God First

So what could I say instead?

  • “My heart goes out to all the victims that…”
  • “It’s disturbing to see all the….”
  • “Karma will have Her/His Say”
  • “It is in the hearts and minds of those individuals who are sick and misguided.”

Switching my words from a different focus point will help to keep my emotions and mind in check. These revised statements put more words and actions toward others and not back on me.

This also goes for those closest to you. Speaking words of hatred and anger can manipulate the energies going toward that person. Don’t believe me….well, that’s up to you.

As for my thoughts, patterns, and especially prayers, I will continue to strive toward peace for humanity.

Happy thoughts to you!




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