Soooo, Have You?

This post is really simple and sweet, but its power is undeniable. 


Print out a copy of the picture, get a piece of wood and create one of your own, add a reminder to your cell phone, or create a Gratitude Rock that you see every day! 

All of these will keep the idea in your forefront and your kiddos will definitely get more loving than they do today. 

So, unless you set out to destroy what I’m asking you to do, they can’t help but feel more loved than today because you have a reminder to be loving to your children (works for other things, too 😀). 

Put something in your personal field of vision that makes you remember. It’s not a bad idea! We all get busy, get distracted, and we forget what’s most important; creating awesome adults. 

Think about it. If we’re not in this world to spread love, we are probably getting more of the opposite. And with social media, we can even create hostility in ourselves and others. Do the math… What are you attracted to; positive or negative?

Showing love and affection to your kids is a huge factor to creating a healthy, balanced, kind, loving, respectful adult…and we could certainly use more of them today. 

Whatever you do, don’t forget to hug, shrug, tug on your kids to share some kind of affection…and as Nike would say,

Just Do It

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