Sometimes we were raised to think…

“We’re men, we don’t express our feelings, we don’t hug, we don’t say nice things; that would make us look weak.”

It’s just the opposite.

When you show your feelings, you’re strong. Real men hug their children, real men show affection, make their children feel valuable. Real men go out of their way to approve, to validate, to encourage.

Fathers, our children have been given to us as a gift. Do you know how many people would love to have kids? 

God has entrusted you with his most prized possession. He’s counting on you as the father to give them their blessings; your approval, your love. 

Your affirmation carries more weight than any other man. 

Without your blessings your children struggle in areas that they did not have to struggle in. There’s a reason people are insecure, angry, overly competitive, permiscuus. Many times, the root cause can be traced back to they never got their blessings from their father. 

It’s never too late to bless your children. 


author unknown

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