A Couple of Time Out Ideas for Your Little Angel

WHAT IF…you could make disciplining your lil’ angels include more self-improvement?

As parents, being able to make a positive out of a negative is something that always should be considered a plus.  

I thought of a couple good ones for you and your little ones. You may have heard of one of them before, but helpful options in positive parenting are always needed.  

If your kids get themselves in trouble for something, and you want them to take a time out, why not make it productive!

If your sweet angel is sharing a smart mouth, the rule is they need to come up with ten words (or something like that) that start with S and M; adding the words to a list. If they are misbehaving for another reason, then use those letters. 

To create more self-awareness, create a monthly sheet that hangs on the wall. Anytime they are in a timeout, they have to add ten words to the month.

They can look up how to spell, but they have to build a list. 

Another option for time out is to have them create an ongoing gratitude list. They simply add ten things they are grateful for as part of their time. 

If you’re away from home and need to get your kids to settle down, consider making them create a mini list of ten things. 

How surprised would you be if they added them to their big list when they got home.

WHAT IF…you could make discipline include more self-improvement?….You get a child with more self-awareness, wisdom, and gratitude. 

All I know is that offering value to discipline works. 

On a slightly similar note, (and as an example on how you can create change), my grandchildren and I started collecting hearts…as a way to show them about the law of attraction.

 After very little coaching, my granddaughter has gotten amazing at finding them everywhere… in the sky, on the ground, just everywhere.

Discover what you can create in your child. Give it a try!

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