My Two Cents About Alternative Healthcare Options

I love seeing news programs talk about alternative healthcare. Every time I see something new, or read something new, I get a little excited knowing that the world is waking up a little at a time.

There are so many people much further in the process than I probably ever will be, but I have made some changes and am definitely more aware of my choices.

Acupuncture, chiropractic therapy, and massage are coming to the forefront after many years of relying on pills and doctors to relieve our pain. And let’s not forget about meditation, positive visualization, diet and exercise.

It is said that there isn’t much strong science to show that these alternatives are better, however, if you look at the history of medicine and how chiropractors were put out of business within a short period of time; not to mention, realize that those were the ways people got relief in the past… before Pharma got involved and “health care” was created, you may want to consider other options.  Certainly, we all need a good doctor now and again, but could we change how we interact with said doc.

I personally believe the reason there is not strong science in these options is because there’s no real money in learning how to heal ourselves. Why would Pharma want us to learn how to do something other than take a pill?

You can get the full story on how “health care” began in the early 1900’s by checking out TheTruthAboutCancer They have videos out there for free, and they also have a nine DVD series which is where I learned about where healthcare started.

You will see that misguided medicine has been around for quite some time. I don’t blame doctors because they do what they were taught in medical school…which includes a minimal amount of schooling on nutrition. If they only knew more about the healing properties of nature and how God created so many plants to heal ourselves, those doctors could be rich.

My only wish is that when a patient brings up something other than traditional medical care that most doctors wouldn’t immediately get offended.

When I told three different doctors that I chose not to do a mammogram to look at my breast lump; because of the radiation…and I believe it could smash any cancer that could be in there (more of a chance of spreading it), I felt they immediately shut down. And since I am new to this way of thinking, I was really hoping to have an open discussion about it.

I think that if doctors would open their mindset, they could learn a lot from their patients.

Just because something has always been done a certain way, does not mean that there isn’t a better way.

I think there is money in alternative healthcare… If doctors would only look at what they could offer patients…in information alone.

Imagine if doctors got involved in creating formulas that were easily assessable to their patients. I know I would buy the healthier choice of medicine instead of having to create it myself.

Now that you’ve read my two cents, pay attention to what you see and read. You will notice that some of the world is catching on, some companies are taking full advtantage of the wake-up call by adding bits of pure oils to their recipes, and they are starting to talk about (and offer) other options in healthcare. Options such as essential oils, certain foods, chiropractors, and acupuncturists may be coming back to the forefront.

Be careful though… Just because you can buy something for five dollars does not mean it’s 100% pure. It can even say it’s a 100% pure or natural, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is. You have to do your research.
This is the essential oil company that I have tried and trust: doTerra

With regard to my breast lump, I used a frankincense and coconut oil mixture. I applied it on my breast lump for a couple weeks before my doctor appointment. It actually got smaller before the appointment…so much so that the doctor couldn’t feel it. She did an ultrasound of it and saw that I had three cysts. Since I have fibrocystic breast disease, I am not very concerned about them. I will continue to use my mixture in hopes of the lump going down even further.

I am thankful I didn’t do the mammogram at this time and will continue to try new things. This is not to say that if I was plagued with a health concern that I wouldn’t try traditional options, I am just trying to spread the word that there are other choices. Be an advocate for your own health care.

Loving you with purpose.

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