There comes that mysterious meeting in life…

… when someone acknowledges who we are and what we can be, igniting the circuits of our highest potential.

~ Rusty Berkus

If we really stopped and thought about it…I mean, really, really thought about it…we would clearly (and quickly) recognize who are our biggest cheerleaders (supporters) in life.

Do you have at least one person who comes to mind immediately? I know I do. She came to mind instantly and without pause; that is, my dear friend, Mrs. Patti Schiering. Patti

She has been my rock (and my roll) for the last twenty-something years. I know who she is and she knows me…sometimes better than I know myself. I know for certain that we think alike because we finish each other’s thoughts…which makes it easier when you both talk too much. 🙂

When I am feeling down, confused, happy, and even angry, I can pick up the phone and she’s right there talking me up, shaking me straight, and at the best of times, she is cheering right along side me. When I need an energy boost, all I have to do is pick up the phone, go see her, or just think about her last rah-rah cheer…all just for me.

Still, I have to share in that responsibility of being a good friend. There are times when she needs to talk, needs a lift, and I hope she feels I am there for her.

I am sure that neither of us particularly enjoy a conversation that is painful; who does, but that’s only because we aren’t as emotionally invested, haven’t the same feelings about the situation, or we can see it more clearly and are less invested and therefore, we are smarter about whatever is going on. Patti and I talk on a regular basis, and she has been more than just an inspiration to me; she is my angel and she has a piece of my heart and soul.

People who can be there for other people are great. However, when it’s always about them, and never about you, it gets a little tiresome always having to be there…all just for them. A relationship is a two-way street. If you don’t respect your connection enough to offer part of yourself, then you probably don’t deserve them.

Sometimes, it’s nice to be able to have that soft shoulder to fall on. Just a few nights ago, I was out to dinner with friends. My friend pulled me toward her and put her head on my shoulder. I reached over with my arm and we had a little arm hug. I knew she was emotionally hurting, she knew I wasn’t physically feeling well, and I think we were actually giving each other a hug; mine for hers, and hers for me. I do think about that moment because I felt it was a genuine touch from the true friendship between us. I found myself grateful for her in that moment.

We care about each other and we know it.

Friendship is unique and special. It’s the friendly faces who you can reach out and talk to after all those years; and the conversation is long and not skipping a beat. You both end commenting on how you love being able to just pick up the phone and feel like it was yesterday all over again.

Friendship is happy and helpful. Not always, of course, but the deal is you do your best not to sabotage them or any of their relationships. For instance, you don’t encourage your gal-pal to cheat on their boyfriend, you don’t talk about other good friends in a hurtful way, and you offer the best advice a friend could give. You don’t sugar-coat things, you don’t bad mouth, and you definitely don’t purposely hurt a friend.

I have many good friends, and I know if I try to name them all I will forget someone, so I’ll stick with the top twenty or so to keep things safe.

Life got busy once I met Joan Jet (not the real Joan Jet) thirty-two years ago and going strong. Along with so many good things, Joan taught me how to “own this place” when you walked into a room. Since I was a young twenty-one year old, just divorced and with a two-year-old child, and with low self-esteem, I merely held my head a little higher…at least eye level. Years to come, this advice helped me in the workplace, my home, and with dating and relationships.

Now I do hold my head high, filled with esteem, tenderness, sensitivity, and love…with a touch of ruggedness and rust, I never forget where I came from; oh, so many years ago.

Because of my good friend, Joan, I met some sweet sisters and brothers through the years; Lisa, Vicki, Sally, Jeannette, Michelle, Diana, Sandy and Sheryl (and Joey)…just to name a few gals and one pal. These girls come with some great dudes and duddettes. Way, way, way too many to name. These gals have been my life since my twenties, thirties, and beyond. We are getting older and don’t see each other as much, but we make a point to stay in touch one way or another.

To keep with the trend of old friends, I got back in touch (and now live near) most of these women. I am in touch with them today through OMC (One More Club-a once a month gathering of a few junior high friends), haircuts, celebrations, neighbor visits, dinners, and lunches. Now we are going to have a craft night, paint night, bowling night, and whatever else we can find to have fun. I have know these girls for the last forty-something years!!! Gladys, Judy, Stephanie, Tracy, Penny, and Jane. Jane is the oldest of friends; meeting in second grade and continuing on with at least once a year visits (along with keeping in touch on Facebook).

I know I can’t name them all; like Marybeth, Patty, Diana, Dorothy, Karla, Lisa, Becky, Rhonda, Angela, Brenda, Belinda, Sandy, Lori, Pam, Tina….the list goes on and on. So many teachers and only one messenger…a messenger with a bit of a memory issue. 🙂

My dearest of friends, please know I love you all and then some. Thanks for lifting me up at times, being a friend, and not allowing me to stay down when I need to be up.

Times can be rough, but they are always much better with a good friend.


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