It Could Always Be Worse…

When you receive the news of someone having cancer, a person you love gets in an accident, or worse, someone has died, what is truly important tends to come into perspective.

One thing I do wish (if you can imagine there is anything about an illness or injury that is worth wishing for), is the eye opening of the victim. People with cancer, life-changing injuries, and close to death experiences tend to look at life differently from the moment it happens and on.

I think that people who know their time is limited, or was limited but now have healed, think a lot more about the big picture. They have intention with each thought, touch, and word. I think they can see more clearly what God has given to us. 

With that said, I’ve only had one small scare myself, so it’s only my belief that others would feel, love, and act differently. 

For me, I remember how my thought process immediately changed. Luckily, with stress reduction and more conscious thinking, my pain and concerns subsided.

Think about it. What if you were told you have a week to live. Would you worry about material items, work piles, unnecessary drama, or how much money you have left? I doubt it.

There are people who have left this earth that I didn’t get to say things to… and I certainly wish I had taken the time to show someone I cared. I work to not regret those missed opportunities because I believe I will have my day when I meet them again; not to mention, I can talk to them now. I also believe that they are happy and at peace. A person’s faith makes a huge difference in how one may feel about this subject matter. As for me, it’s my truth. 

I still can’t figure out why we don’t get it. Even I don’t get it at times. True stuff! No one is perfect. 

Why can’t we see that peace and love and forgiveness and God (most of all) are the things that will bring us all together. With so much negativity, judgment, violence, and anger in today’s world, wrapping our arms around those we care about, along with extending our hands to those in need of something (education, money, food, love), are the only ways to create change in the world. 

When we turn away from these gifts that God gave us (that we all have for free) is when trouble begins. When we allow our egos, pride, bad behaviors, and anger to guide us, we eventually will fall. Whether it be karma or our own bout of illness or disease, we eventually will pay the price. 

Find your peace and love and forgiveness and God. Release whatever doesn’t work for you and your ability to reach for those goals.

God bless. 

Feeling bad or sad…Just depressing
Being productive and happy…Simply Good

Not having cancer or other life threatening injury disease, dying of hunger and thirst, or not being homeless…So Blessed

Sometimes, we need to remind ourselves how things could be much worse. 

Find something or someone to appreciate. 


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