Take a moment, won’t you? 

Taking a moment to clear your thoughts; watching them float above or discarding them altogether, perhaps quietly feeling your breath, can bring a world of good to your day.

When we walk around stressed all day, thinking about issues that we can’t do anything about it in the moment, we set ourselves up for health related issues; not to mention, unhappiness. 

Take control of your life. Release the negativity that holds you back. Make time to take care of yourself spiritually. Believe that everything will happen when it is supposed to and that everything is going to be OK. 

When you decide to take this approach, you’ll find you discard some of those thoughts and conversations that used to seem so important. What you will learn is how freeing it is to let go.

Certainly, we all have challenges that we face, and we all have our moments of unhappiness and such. That is why the moments you take to just be are so important. They allow you to catch up so to speak. The difference between some and many (of us) is the amount of moments that are taken.

So…. Take a moment, won’t you? 
And when you’re done, share this with someone else. Help them to feel better, too. 

Kim Mitchell
Author of #LovingwithPurpose

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