When you go against the grain, make sure someone else doesn’t feel your splinters…

Do your actions disrespect another? I mean, how bad do you want to get ahead in your career, have your own way in a situation, or speak or behave in a negative way toward another person? Is it really worth it? What is ‘it’ that’s worth sabotaging a relationship?

People everywhere are working toward something. Some work to build a family, others a career, and some simply to save for a rainy day.

All I know for sure is that whatever is important to you today, monetarily or materialistically, most likely won’t be the same need or want for you in the future. People will be what matters to you. God will be on the top of your list.

If you already know this, congratulations! You are way ahead of the game!!! IMG_1651

Why is it that we must learn so many things through experience, age, and mishaps? Why can’t we stop and determine a better way for ourselves…before it’s late!?!

Not necessarily too late because you’re still here, but still late! In some cases, yes, too late. If someone else feels enough of your splinters on your way to the top of whatever it is you want, it may be too late to salvage any damage done.

From my teens to my twenties…and moving all the way to my fifties, I know what I strived so desperately to get for so long wasn’t necessarily what I truly needed…or wanted! For instance, I always thought I wanted a big new house in the eastern portion of our city, while I ended up in another direction and in a different surrounding than I ever saw for myself! I thought I wanted city…I got country and I love it! Sadly, sometimes, I’m sure that some of what I aimed for in life probably hurt someone else…whether they knew it or not.  For those who remain in my mind, I have asked for forgiveness. I know it wasn’t many, but I’m sure there were (and are) a few.

So keep your mind open to other possibilities. When something gets in your way from what you are striving for, perhaps it’s God swaying you to His plan. The universe could be working in your favor; trying to get you to where you need to be; not where you think you need to be. Plus, your change in direction could potentially save a relationship; one which you may treasure years from now. I know that I have some people in my life today that I didn’t see the same back then. Now, I see their beauty and how they change my life for the better.

Give it a try! Listen more intently, pay attention more frequently when something isn’t going ‘your’ way. What is happening could be the best thing than whatever you imagined for yourself.



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