What You COULD Do To Help Solve The World Problems

  Be nice, be kind, shake a hand, smile, wave, offer a helping hand, pick up someone’s tab, buy someone a flower, leave a small note saying how much you care, make an “I love you” call, write a letter, send a gift, send an email, say “Hello,” say “Good Morning,” wave someone over while you’re driving, pay for the person behind you, say “Please” and “Thank You,” stay positive, share words of encouragement, say “Happy Birthday,” reconnect with an old friend, babysit someone’s child, send tickets to a friend for their favorite show, sing-a-song, be silly, meditate, be part of a meaningful purpose where you serve your community, speak to others about God, and first and foremost, talk and pray to God. 

When you help yourself feel better, you share that goodness with someone else. Yes, staying positive thru acts of kindness helps you, too. 

Happiness comes from within…and doubles when you share it with others.  You can get the same feeling that they do from your behavior, actions, and attitude. Rub off that goodness on someone else today. 


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