Take a Moment, Won’t You?

“You know you’re changing when you catch yourself doing something different than you usually do.” ~ Loving with Purpose

I was shopping with my two young grandkids when the bickering between them…then them and me…began to get under my skin. 
I stopped in the middle of the store and said, “Okay, let’s stop and take a few deep breaths.” As I went thru the motions, my grandson held his breath (not what I was going for) and my granddaughter followed along with me a little.

So that was new! 

I take these moments of breathing many, many times myself, but I have never stopped in the middle of a store and prompted others to join along. 

It’s funny to think about afterwards because although I may have looked silly to some, I didn’t care a bit. 

So if you see me in a store and I’m having a moment of breathing aloud, join in. πŸ˜‰

PS: As surprised, and happy, as I was to see this picture, I kNoW he kNoWs what I mean about taking a moment. πŸ˜‰  


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