Some Days…I Don’t Know Where I Stop And You Begin.

This picture of my dogs playing together gave me a chuckle so I thought I’d share it with you.

When you think about relationships, whether it be a spouse, friend, or coworker, isn’t it interesting to watch when one person coincides with another…like a well-oiled machine? IMG_0995As you sit back and watch, or better yet, interact in some way, can you feel the energy of one person relying, completing, and partnering with another?  Their two halves make a whole, in a sense.

My first visual comes in the form of two people in the office, preparing a presentation, making copies, collating, stapling…one waiting in line as the other does their portion of the work. Once they get in sync with one another, their work starts to move much smoother and faster…and the process becomes fun, too!

Imagine if all marriages worked that way…like a well-oiled machine. Two people being aware of their partnership, and working side by side (in sync) to carry out some goal for the day. Something as simple as shuffling the kids from place to place, working together in the grocery store; each one grabbing some of the items needed on the list, or perhaps it’s a project you need to get done in or around the house.

I genuinely believe that when two people come together for a common goal…and they gravitate to the idea and awareness of working toward something…anything is possible. Their marriage would be stronger, healthier, and more exciting. They would have more to talk about; because they are striving to reach the same goals. Couples would dream bigger, work harder, and have more energy because they wouldn’t be struggling to do ‘it’ alone.

This does not mean there are no breaks from each other; oh, no, no, no! We can’t have that! We would go nuts!

Yes, some things are done separately, away from each other, but these couples are still together. How? Well, they are together because they have created a relationship where both recognize that they are working toward the same goal even when there is a distance. Their mate is an real partner; wanting many of the same things out of life as they do. They each have their own interests, but no matter the separation, it is done with respect, honesty, and commitment to their partner first and foremost. That commitment is shown over and over through choices and awareness. It is done by showing your endurance, honesty, love, and time for the relationship.

Once you build a connection that works for both of you, the options of a happy life are endless.

Simply put, when you are taking on life with your bestie, your pal, spouse, or coworker, do it with pride, persistence, and most importantly…self-awareness.

When I am talking to someone with a similar dream, interest, or purpose, I am engulfed in the conversation…which in turn drives me toward my goal even more! I get encouraged, empowered, and motivated through someone else trying to achieve (or achieving) something that is of interest to me. Even as I write this article (writing is a big part of my purpose), I am encouraged to get all the books out of me that are inside of me. It’s time for Book #5 and I am ready to take on the task. (3 of those books are not mine but I worked like they were as their editor/publisher/illustrator).


So please, leave here with the idea that next time you begin something (goal, project, responsibility) with someone, you will remember reading this and begin to pay attention to various things going on: your behavior, attitude, smile, actions, reactions, attire, interaction, how you’re working, how they are doing, if you’re showing compassion for them, your touch, your voice reflection…anything. Just try to make a better connection than you have before this moment.

If you find something does change for you, please send me a line. I’d love to hear from you.

Kimberly Mitchell



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