Faith Alliance Shares Experts on Mental Health

I really enjoyed my time learning about mental health needs in Butler County. Surprising high numbers were shared showing more than I expected. 

370K people have mental health needs. 


Heroin overdose has one of the highest numbers. If you relapse on heroin there’s a good chance you will die. Your body can’t take the same amount of heroin as when you got off of it, and unfortunately many people try.


Past: 1 in 150 kids diagnosed with autism

Present: 1 in 68 kids diagnosed with autism. Autism is different for every child. 


How to tell if your child may have mental health issues: they become unsuccessful at one: home, school, social. Look for change in behavior – retreating, eating habits, losing weight. (Pay mind to the degree of impairment- i.e. Misbehavior at two and misbehavior at five looks different. Know what to expect beyond the typical.)

There are a large number of organizations willing to help. All you need to do is ask; Beckett Springs, Butler County Resource Center, Hand to Hand program, along with many others. 

Strongly consider a holistic approach when dealing with someone with mental health needs; mind, body, spirit

There is a book called When Helping You is Hurting Me that sounded interesting to me. 

– An Ounce of Prevention

Lastly, preventative medicine is the best resource. Educate yourself on holistic, spiritual, and physical opportunities to help mental health needs. Watch eating habits, take the medicine prescribed, and do activities to keep the brain and body working. 

Personally, I also believe in the law of attraction, positive imaging, and having God in your every day life can make a huge impact. 

For more information on Faith Alliance, please check out the attached image.

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