Every Relationship Endures  Some Sort of Issues…So What’s the Fix?

So what’s the fix???

Two willing participants who are continually trying to make things better. Without the two doing their part, it’s almost impossible

One can give and give, while the other one takes. You only end up with bitterness, shame, and guilt.

Every of us has to do our part to make the bond continue between two or more people; whether it be a marriage, family, friendship, a company, or teams of people.

What the next step for you is clear and present…you either care enough about your relationship… Or you don’t.

Do your part. Make your love count. The real gifts come once you do your part—the answer about how much it means to the other person or people, and when you do your part, you end up being surprised how many lives are better (including yours) for the work you put in. 

Be aware, be brave, be the genuine you. 

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