God with us…

He never let go….Did you?

The moments we question how strong our faith is usually falls right around the time that we begin to rant and rave about some issue or concern in life. We wonder, “How is it that I can go on like this…making a fuss or becoming anxious with worry? Am I not supposed to be calm and peaceful during times of pain and sorrow?”

My answer would be, “Yes, we are supposed to hand it over to God.”

What I have found is that I tend to first continue in my usual ways; upsetting myself (and sometimes others) with my questioning or complaining about why something is the way it is. Then, at some point, I become aware and remember to lift my hand, full of any and all worries, up to God. He is in control of every outcome, and my job is to do as I believe He wants me to.

What I have found is when I ‘let go’ of an issue, soon after, my reasons for worry start to diminish; either by forgiveness, acceptance, or change…through me or someone else.

He never let go

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