It’s Hard To Fail In Front Of Your Kids…

Imagine…understanding how the choices you make now, reflect directly on what transpires in your future; not to mention, any children impacted by your choices. Sometimes, there are no do overs.

Kimberly Mitchell


3 responses to “It’s Hard To Fail In Front Of Your Kids…

  1. Kim, How true “It is hard to fail in front of your kids” as most things are as a parent, yet this is the greatest moment to teach extremely valuable lifelong lessons that children carry with them into all areas of their life. My prayer is that I have been cognizant in all of my failures, some “epic” as the kids say,that my children have been “watching”,and that they take note to emulate or raise their “game”.When I have been tempted to “just give up” words of encouragement from the cheerleaders in my life parents,grandparents,siblings,extended family, friends,pastor,and spouse come to the forefront of my mind, and I continue to press to do the best I can. They are watching us. I love the movie “Boyhood”! I just saw it this weekend (late) and many have had the pleasure to view this movie much sooner. I had a hard time getting my family to choose it. I won this past weekend!Thanks for your post. Hope all is well your way! Kim McKinney

    • Such a wonderful reply, Kim. Yes, i lovrd the movie as well, and hope that many young people will see it and tell their mom “Thank you!” when they realize life wasn’t always easy for either the child or parent. I would like parents to see this so they see they are not alone, or that maybe, just maybe, they could save their marriage…that many times the grass is maybe not greener on the other side.

      Inspirational and realistic…I loved #PatriciaArquette speak about the movie.

      Thanks so much for your reply. Hugs to you!


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