Remembering the Loves In Your Life

Do you remember an angel chime with little stick candles that made the chimes go around and around?
I just saw one on a movie…which then made me think of my grandma. I can still picture that day; me, lifting the gift wrapped box of one that I gave to her a long, long time ago. 💞💞💞

Funny, I hadn’t given a thought to this candle chime until now. It’s those small moments that gather our thoughts; making them special and unique to each of us alone. I miss her and many others during this holiday season. I have memories of the little things like this, but now meaning so much to me. It’s not the actual material item (like the coffee table I held onto for over twenty years), it’s the smells, sounds, and feelings of such good times.

I will always love my family and friends; those here and those in the hereafter, but as time has quickly passed, I have finally recognized how precious each person is in my life. I don’t see or even speak to each person, but I don’t worry because I know my path is already chosen for me, and I live as I see fit. I know each is here for a purpose, as am I, and although I may not feel the same about theirs, it is their unique path. Many are a teacher to me; for some lesson that God wants me to get, but I have yet to learn (or relearn in some cases).

As it is said, people come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. I am aware that God is my creator, and He above all else is who I serve. I am conscious how important it is to be still, and quiet, in order to achieve peace, gratitude, and wisdom.

This being a special time of year, the day of our Lord, let’s all take a moment (or more) to get quiet; so we can reach as close as possible toward Christ by getting in touch with our souls. As you’re quiet, or not, look for answers, seek forgiveness, and have strong faith that what doesn’t have answers may be revealed in the end. Remembering why CHRISTmas exists, and how special those before us were to us and our loved ones.

Staying in faith that I am not in control; and I shouldn’t try, or want, to be. Merry Christmas to all! God bless you and your loved ones.

Kimberly Mitchell

Author of Loving with Purpose

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