Abuse and Unfair Practices Aren’t New

As I hear and see all of the horrifying abuse and disrespect happening on our streets, I am reminded of all the other unfair situations in the world.IMG_9591

For instance, how about the bullying and violence in our schools? Do children deserve to go daily to their classrooms; wondering “Am I safe?” because the high school down the street just had gun shots kill three students?
How about the imprisoned man who was seen online; brutally taken down? Does he deserve the unkind acts put upon him?

Or my all time personal favorite: the woman being beaten on a regular basis by her loving husband. That man who promised so much; now changing midstream to someone to fear. His controlling hands; keeping her self-confidence down and her awareness of another human being up. Is it fair that she not be treated right by someone who said he loved her?

As I heard many times growing up, “life isn’t fair.”

Does that take away the universal unfairness going on today? No, absolutely it does not; nor, does it make me any less compassionate for those most hurt by the people trying to stand for equality, respect, moral code, and justice. All the violence just hurts my heart and makes me sad.

I am not a judge, nor a jury, nor do I hold a magic ball that tells the stories; all of this is for God to decide. Yes, in our human world, it is for a real judge and jury, but in the end, God is The One each of us will stand before to be judged.

In the meantime, the troubles are real…in each storyline. Something must be accomplished and changed in order for us to grow. 

Each one of us makes a choice on how to handle these problems, and we must be held accountable for those choices…in one way or another.

Today, after much violence and hatred has been shed, the issue has become about rioting instead of any injustice. I think, missing the opportunity to create new choices and real change. 

Yes, people who wanted to get the attention of society, got it…but at what cost??? 

I pray all of this destruction doesn’t throw us backward instead of forward.

In some cases, with some people, there’s rioting between communities, destruction of towns, police being too aggressive, and lives being lost. Again, I said in some cases. Still, there are protesters trying to make a difference, and police officers hoping to keep order. Both sides seeing change as a must.

For me, I can’t understand why there is still so much abuse and unfairness in holding. It’s as if victims pay the price, while the abusers (illegals, corrupt people, criminals, bad guys) are left to strike again. So much more needs to change than just what is in front of us in a moment.

I don’t know why it takes a village to get victims of abuse the help they need…in a timely manner, or to spot the child who no one suspected of such heinous crimes, or the terrorist or child molester who is ‘allowed’ to post on the Internet…for the sake of freedom of speech or something, something, something, and in the case of all of the cases of injustice, inequality, or protesting, why it has taken us so many years and still we are not ‘okay’ with our differences NOR are many held accountable for their choices.

How about these ideas: Give people who have something to say, a location to say it? It could be as simple as a form that each person could pick up and complete, or appointing a good leader. That would keep protestors at home and violators who destroy stand out…so the police know who is at fault for such crimes.

OR, maybe well intended protestors try to protect the businesses and such from those who destroy? After all, it is their cause, their town, their livelihood, and their future.

The one thing I see positive (believe it or not) about all that’s happening on our streets is the fact that conversation is starting to open up; hopefully being renamed to equality, accountability, and best practices. My fear is that the door will close, once again, because of all the turmoil and destruction going on.

The bottom line…it’s all about choices; we can choose to continue on as usual, look for a way to be helpful instead of hurtful, and speak up when a wrong could be righted.

Abuse and being treated unfairly aren’t anything new…but it is time we change what we are doing in all of these cases.

I just have to know that God is in charge; He is in control. Immanuel…God with us, and I will continue to trust in Him.

I wish everyone peace, happiness, kindness, and fairness. God bless you.

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