Be the Eye of the Storm #JoelOsteen

Remain at rest during times of conflict, anxiety, or worry. As I’m sure you’ve heard before, life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond.IMG_8538

Go deeper. The surface is always going to be changing. Go deeper. Just like the large bodies of waters of the world, there is calmness in the deeper waters.

Learn the art of separating the situation from reality. See that those things that are happening around you don’t matter nearly as much as you once thought. There is much more to your life than the circumstances around you.

So what could you think of instead of the issue in front of you? How about thinking about God? How about recognizing, and believing, that He has your back…in all things?? You don’t have to argue over and over again about an issue that comes up, you don’t have to take that type of treatment anymore, you don’t have to let that person affect your happiness. Why? Because you have a choice. You can choose to argue, worry, be hurt, overlook, forgive, forget, stay, leave, or change what is happening in your life.

Regardless of what you choose, a person of peace believes that God has their back.

There will always be something, or someone, to annoy, irritate, hurt, or worry you. When you stay calm in the midst of the storm, you will feel a peace that passes all understanding; a peace that doesn’t even make sense.

There can be trouble, conflict, and challenges all around you on the outside, but true peace is when you don’t allow it on the inside.

Don’t let the storm get in you.

Be the
eye of the storm
A place of peace that you can go to in times of stress.

Inspired by #JoelOsteen

If you’d like to learn more, check out my other posts, seminars, or book, Loving with Purpose.


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