Your Choices Could Have Unforeseen Consequences

There comes a time, or two, or more in every relationship when a person has to make a difficult choice. Do I do the right thing, wrong thing, or the easy thing? Note: the easy thing is probably the wrong thing or you wouldn’t be questioning yourself. You can tell the truth, keep content to yourself, or flat out lie to the other person. You can behave badly, sit down and communicate, or simply walk away from an uncomfortable situation.

There are all kinds of scenarios I could share, but instead just imagine yourself at a crossroads the next time you feel uneasy about what you’re facing in the moment.IMG_8337-0.JPG

What do you need to do, what could you say, how might the person feel
if you handle the situation incorrectly. WHAT are the consequences for what you do or say???

If we would stop and think about the path we choose to take, chances of more happy relationships in this world would be possible. Opportunities for new learning, prior to the pain, would occur.

Although sometimes we don’t see the big picture in the moment, if we stopped, before reacting, to envision the future, we might be able to save ourselves (and others) a lot of pain, resentment, and regret.

Although you can’t control what others do, you can keep an eye on you and your choices. If you continue to make good decisions (taking the high road), you will know your character remains intact.

In many situations, you will recognize how trivial issues really are…when you can see the alternative, and outcome, in your choice. Some can be simple, while others can be huge.

Simply said…while you go along in your day, make good choices.

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