Be a Positive Influence…

When you look around and see what you are promoting, accomplishing, and being, do you feel that you’ve made a good impact on those you care about, or for the greater good of the world? Are you grateful for where you are right now…and for those you are with today?

As you go along your day, don’t forget to share your appreciation for those who have shown you respect, kindness, and thoughtfulness. You may be surprised to know that a simple ‘thank you’ from you can change how a person feels about being there…for you. Make their efforts worth it…be grateful.

It’s true! You have to take the time to live in the moment. BE in the moment. Put that phone down, turn that television off, or set that work aside and listen. Your consideration can work wonders in each relationship you encounter.

There will always be time to improve, succeed, and fulfill your work. However, you may not have more time to spend with that one special person.

So when you decide to love people, love them with purpose.

Make a conscious choice to just be…in the moment.


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