Hey Guys! Do You Want More Ladies To Find You Attractive?

Why not try that one quality that will either be a huge hit, or one where you learn quickly not to go there. What is it? By being the type of man who takes care of his gal.

As simple as it may seem, it’s your ability to protect and make a woman feel secure that is so damn appealing. That quality is just so darn sexy! The feeling someone gets when being cared for is so intriguing and attractive to most women, and we want more of it…Please!

I’m not saying to go crazy nuts about it all, but do begin with small details. Ask her if she’s okay if she is stressed out about something, tell her to lock her car doors when she goes out, and extend your arm to her while walking somewhere.

Sure, you may run into that one woman who “doesn’t need a man to take care of her” mindset (as most do take care of themselves), but perhaps what she doesn’t know is that it’s not about whether she can do something for herself, but that you think so much of her that you want to take extra care to make sure she is good to go.

And, Ladies, perhaps it’s more about having higher expectations on how to be treated…like a lady. Maybe you allowing special treatment is really more about making a man feel more like a man.

One of man’s desires is to be adored…and what better way than to know he’s a good man by the way he treats his lady.

It’s a way of flirting, a chance to be treated well, and a positive, healthy, productive way to create two better human beings. Both with a higher self-esteem, and ready to positively approach the next set of circumstances.

I don’t know about you, but I love a little extra special treatment from a man. One where he escorts me to the table, offers to drop me off and park the car down that darkened road, or checks to make sure the doors are locked when he leaves. It’s the simplest of gestures that make the most difference…and it’s all about respect.

If you would be interested in learning more, check out my seminar, Expect To Be Respected. Dates beginning in June, 2014. Group rates available.


Kimberly Mitchell

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