Seminar: The Law of Attraction Thru Vision Boards

As time goes on, I have become even more aware of the universe and the purpose of the world around me. I recognize that we are connected and that I only need to open myself up to the possibilities of the world in order to attain success. I also believe God is our universe and that I am, aDress for Success pic0001nd you are, part of that energy.

For instance, I went to two separate lunch meetings, picked up two fliers from the table, (nothing out of the ordinary, but certainly rare that I find my connection to one); only to find myself sending a quick message to one, and being told by another coach of a great connection for the second one. When I first picked up the flier, it was simply because I wanted to donate clothes to them; nothing more.

This is only one example of seeing what we attract, and there are so many more to discover. There are miracles out there for each and every one of us; if we only know how to create them.

End result, a couple of months later I presented Law of Attraction to the Dress for Success women, and the other seminar, Expect to be Respected, to Hope Hill Children’s Home girls. As usual, it was such a calming feeling to see how the connections were made…and I saw it because I watched as it unfolded.

To the Dress for Success women, I shared my seminar, Law of Attraction Thru Vision Boards, where we learned about the Law of Attraction and each person created their own vision board!

“I love watching how I attract what I need to get to the next step!”

Consider your group of friends or colleagues to share a day or evening of fun; learning and creating your own special board. Details for all of my seminars are right HERE.

You can contact me, Kim, through my email at to set up something that’s right for you.

Thanks for dropping by!

Kimberly Mitchell

HERE is where you can find my book, Loving with Purpose

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