Removing the Shackles from Your Heart

Feeling trapped inside your own life? Find your way out. Become aware, listen to your heart, and ask God for help to show you the way.385190_598611656821001_415658654_n

There is a way to create change when you focus on moving forward in a positive way. You can discover so much more in your life than that one thing that is holding you back.

Shake off those who have hurt you, ridiculed you, and betrayed you. Find all the things you have to be grateful for and God will be with you every step of the way. He will put you on the right path toward a better future.

There is nothing like realizing that you are partly in control of your destiny. God and you…no one else but your Higher Power and you have the ability to create your future. You may attract people and things that are not what you expected, and don’t feel right in some way, but you have the power to decide if what, and who, you are attracting is in fact part of your journey.

For me, God points the way, and actually guides me…if only I pay attention.

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