My Rewind of 2013 and In the Moment for Now

Happy New Year peeps!

It’s a new year and a newER way of thinking and feeling. I’ve had a lifetime of learning and 2013 was no exception…a huge year of learning!

I have been tested over and over again on whether I will continue in faith during times of confusion, and I like to think I passed most times. Not always in the first moments, but certainly getting back to the truth more quickly than in the past.

Life, soul, and spirit are our blessings. My belief that what guides us in our journey is completely and all encompassing God-driven and that makes life more real and miraculous for me. He has us on our knees so that we can truly see inside ourselves; with all the vulnerability and genuine heart that is required. He has us striving to find our purpose so that we can somehow make a difference to others…even if just one person at a time.

I am blessed with lessons galore and plan to use my learning to help other women learn faster than I did.

Thank you, Lord, for my lessons…and thank you, thank you for my blessings.

Kimberly Mitchell
Author of Loving with Purpose


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